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Default New ReaConsole BF-Edition Out Now ! GET IT !!!

News: Kjaerhus not seems to be in Business any longer, and there are new realy good Plugins from other developers. So i will create a new BF-edition.

- Version1.2 (the Lowcut starts at 20Hz now !) Thanks for your replies and the new Link! I added a version with only one strip, that you can adjust yourself and then duplicate it so often you want !

- Version1.1 bugfixed (the EQ-bands are now active of course! Sorry!)

Imagine your Reaper-Mixer would still have complete, pre-routed Channelstrips (Insert:EQ,Gate,Comp,Saturation Send:Room,Hall,Chorus) waiting for getting activated ? (see picture) And behind every Poti, that you dial in, works the BEST Freeware-Algorithm in the World. Here it is !

While the normal ReaConsole162 internal worked with only Reaper-Plugins, the BF-Edition (Best Freeware) goes a huge step further. All you have to do, is to get the 5 Freeware-Plugins listed below. Then copy the .dll-files to your Reaper-VST-Folder and start my uploaded project file rocaro_ReaConsoleBF163_v1.2 (16 channels and 3 sends). The Sound is awesome ! I spend a lot of time to make the presets sound as vintage as possible! Next to this you can make more adjustments by just doubleclicking any FX-parameter. However, i`m shure, you never mixed faster and better with your Reaper-Mixer !

Get these Freeware plugins:



Blockfish (within the fish filets bundle)


Classic Chorus

Make also shure you installed all Plugins that come with Reaper !

Report me any problems! Enjoy!
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File Type: rpp rocaro_ReaConsoleBF323_v1.2.RPP (99.0 KB, 137 views)

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Excuse me for being a dumb-ass, but how do you do this..?

On my projects I can get FX parameters to appear in the TCP, but not in the mixer.

What's the secret here..?

Yours is much better.



It's ok... I found it. Please disregard the above question

Cheers again
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Not something I'd probably ever use, but a very cool idea. Kudos.
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Nice job, Rocaro. Like Lokasenna, it's probably not something that I would tend to use (I tend to customise my workflows to my projects) but it's a great template for those who might prefer a more standardised structure.

One small thing: that link to the chorus doesn't seem to work.


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Originally Posted by Simple Simon View Post

One small thing: that link to the chorus doesn't seem to work.
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Default About the big Advantages of ReaConsole !

Thanks for all replies! Of course everybody has his own staff of Plugins and his own mixing strategy! The big advantages of ReaConsole are:

1. An ultra fast workflow and a good view over the whole mix with the possibility to make fast interventions in sound at the right place.

2. Having a project standard for the international exchange of Reaper-projects! So if e.g. the Filmcomposer writes the Co-Composer "Go on right here!(used ReaConsoleBF323)"! (equal VSTi`s recommend) Or if one Band member writes the other "Have a look at this new mix(ReaConsole162)"! Mastering-Engineers could react directly on Mixing-problems too.

Although i also have other realy nice Plugins here, i would venture to mix a filmmusic on it! I`ll tell you if i did !

Thanks for the Link Bender ! ;-)
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Excellent work! I dont use any 32bit plugs any more, but can see mysef trying (and probably failing) to set up some of the good-but-no-gui plugs I have, so they work like most of the Rea series!
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