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Default Akai APC Mini and megababy sequencer

Hi folks
I'm part way through developing an interface between the APC mini and the megababy sequencer and I have the basic functionality working - it's great fun having something with real buttons that light up as a sequencer/drum machine.
I just wondered what the potential interest was out there for something like this. The basic sequencing and pad interactions are all running now, but I want to add velocity control (the Akai has 9 very useful faders) and pattern selection as well.
I'll post to the stash when it's done - it's mainly just a patch to the megababy JS, so just thought I'd see what the potential interest would be for something like this. Love the little Akai - so cheap but you get 81 buttons, 80 of which light up and 64 of those in three colours, and nine faders, and it's all just standard MIDI notes, no driver required. It's a fab little piece of kit for the money and I really love having things with buttons to press that light up - music is supposed to be a tactile experience of banging and scraping on things, I just don't feel connected with just a mouse and keyboard....
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I'm interested in what changes you had to make to the JS. I'm looking to use the beat machine TouchOSC preset for similar effect. Want to use a touch surface for megababy vs the mouse as well

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I'm interested in this too, can it work with the APC40 as well?
KeyMce/GenMce - pc keyboard/midi to Mackie control emulation (built with ahk). Also - an ahk script to build your own midi programs.
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Hi ajaym,
I am also interested in megababy js code modification that would allow the individual steps to be controlled by MIDI.
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Well, it seems that ajaym just made it :-)
He continues with Akai APC modded megababy in another thread though, so anyone interested, please, check his new topic with JSFX here:

The ultimate drum machine hits the stash!

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