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Default possibly improper character translation


I'm finding that on a webpage such as this:
in the title there's a different kind of dash

& #8211 ;
which gets wrongly translated by Shup.

[..]a dash encoded as the character 150 in decimal, 96 in hexadecimal, which is not a valid character for the ISO-8859-1 encoding.
The file can actually be uploaded properly to a PHP/Apache script I setup over the weekend when Stashbox went down (complete with 177 types of code formatting, very handy btw)... but due to the non-compliance of that character (and there could certainly be more) almost nothing is able to properly request the file from Apache.

For instance, wget works and Firefox doesn't.

I just thought I would bring that to someone's attention. I realize that Stashbox itself deals with this, but it's still something that deserves attention when someone makes their way by Shup again. Hopefully again.

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Thanks for reporting that. I was just looking at the x64 build of Shup today, so there is still hope that another release will happen =)
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