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Default Please help (Nektar Panorama, Kontakt, Komplete Kontrol, Friedlander Violin)

Hi all,

The P4 is really quite amazing, but there are a few issues that I'd like to sort out.

I submitted these questions to Nektar support, but I figured I'd copy them here too.

Any help or insight would be appreciated!



1. Is it possible to use the P4 to browse through my instruments and effects and add them to a track without using my mouse? I was assuming that it is possible, but I can't seem to figure it out.

2. How can I control the parameters of different instruments when I have them loaded into a single instance of Kontakt?

For example, one of my main setups is one instance of Kontakt with 4 instruments loaded - Wurli, Bass, Drums, and Synth. When I open this, the parameters for the first instrument (the Wurli) are visible when I press Instrument>Edit. But I cannot figure out how to see and control the other instruments. I have tried the [Patch+/- buttons] to no avail.

I am thinking it might have something to do with the way I have Kontakt routed (which confused me to no end when I got it, and I couldn't tell you how I got it working if you paid me!) Is there a specific type of routing that needs to happen to make this work? If so, would you tell me how to set that up?

For the record, everything maps very nicely when I use a single instrument per instance of Kontakt, but I would like to use one instance and control all the instruments with the P4 (to save on CPU etc)

3. Related to #2, I have a violin VSTi (which is a 3rd party Kontakt instrument) that I can't control with the P4, and I can't seem to use "Learn" to map it. It's the Friedlander Violin from Embertone. Have you ever tried this product and can you help me figure out how to get it working with the P4?

4. I am also wondering how to use the P4 with my Komplete Kontrol software. I would like to be able to browse through my instruments and presets and add them to a track with the P4....is this possible?

4a. Also, in Komplete Kontrol, the P4 seems to recognize and display the parameters of the Komplete Kontrol software "wrapper", but I cannot seem to access or "Learn" the parameters for the instrument that is loaded into it. Would you please walk me through this?
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I have a P6, and some similar questions, but for how, here a a couple of videos on Kontakt you might find interesting/useful.

https://youtu.be/_VQ8diwkjhY (using Kontakt's 'hidden' MIDI Learn features)

https://youtu.be/1u6dWL-32jI (multi-output routing; for SONAR, but very helpful)

https://youtu.be/V0n9tas6z9k (using Kontakt's Snapshots for 'undo' and saving patches)
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Thanks for your reply. I'll have a look!

The P4 has worked so incredibly well so far that I would be very surprised if it wasn't able to control all the instruments in a multi-out Kontakt setup. I'm sure there's just something screwy with my routing.
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Not even using Nektar, xxx, but dang helpful YouTube(s).

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I'd like to thank Nikki at Nektar for getting back to me so quickly.
Here is the response:


Your answers are as follows:

1. No, You can use Panorama patch +/- buttons to navigate presets which are saved in Reaper's preset format. But you can not create new instruments or brows presets in NI browsers.

2-3. You need to add the parameters from Kontakt, which you would like to control using Panorama to Kontakts host automation list. You will see an auto button at the top of kontakts browser. When you click on it you will see a host automation list and a MIDI automation list. Add parameters to the host list.

There is no way for Panorama to know that different instruments are loaded in a single instance of kontakt so all of the parameters will appear as if they are part of the same plugin.

4. you can not brows komplete kontrols presets unless they are saved in Reapers preset format. However you should still be able to control parameters.


This is the first I've heard of Reaper's preset format. I will have to look into how to save presets in Reaper so that I can browse them with the P4. Anyone have a quick tip?

I'm a little surprised that I have to assign controls within Kontakt when using a multi-out setup, and also that the controls will appear as if they are all for one instrument, but I can work around this. Given how well the Nektar works already I don't mind having to do some of the programming myself. I'm just not that familiar with how to do it in Kontakt but I'll figure it out. I'm a bit worried about accidentally wiping out existing maps that already work great.

Any insight from you MIDI/Kontakt/Nektar gurus is warmly welcomed!
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