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Default VSTi adjustment using Machine Learning

Hello all, that's my first post.

Recently I've started studying AI/ML subject.
I'm going to write Machine Learning program which will get any sample piano sound and will adjust settings of VSTi (arbitrarily chosen) "to met" this sample sound as close as possible.

The initial idea I have is to write two programs.
The first one is an application which will control VSTi running in REAPER through MIDI. It would be then a bridge for the second program which will use Machine Learning magic.

My first choice to write the bridge was Java (it's simple to integrate on any platform) with javax.sound.midi package. I don't really have an experience in "music stuff" development at all, but I thought that I can list all available MIDI devices (MidiSystem.getMidiDeviceInfo()) in the system and I will see REAPER MIDI device too and I'll be able to send messages to it. I can't see it, though. See attached screenshot.
How can I "attach" my program (it doesn't have to be written in Java) to send messages through MIDI to REAPER?
Another idea is to write my own MIDI device and add it in REAPER. What do you think?

One more question is: why I can't see these two MIDI devices listed in Java program in REAPER?
See second screenshot.

If anything is unclear, feel free to ask about it

Thank you for REAPER anyway
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I would guess the MIDI "devices" you see in the Java environment are not real hardware or virtual MIDI devices in the operating system, which is why you won't see them in Reaper itself. (Maybe they are some Java internal MIDI devices, only visible between Java applications?) Reaper itself is not a virtual MIDI device you can send MIDI into. If you need to route MIDI between applications, you might need to use a 3rd party solution, at least on Windows.

Writing your own virtual MIDI driver would be a massively complicated undertaking and you would need to do it in plain C.
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Default loopbe

sounds very interesting!

could be worth having a look at loopbe - a virtual midi driver

I use it to route my aerodrums into reaper

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Thanks for replies guys.
I've started a blog about studying machine learning & creating music.
Follow it if you want to be up to date.

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