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Default Recording Fails to Start on Playback Cursor

Midi recording doesn't start on playback cursor. If I zoom in the screen it is clear that the recording is either ahead or behind the cursor. It happens when I change default BPM of the project.

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Hi - welcome to the forums. FWIW it is considered bad form to post the exact same thread in 2 areas.

As to your issue, this appears to be connected to your settings.
The quick and dirty way to check this out is to download reaper again & reinstall it but check the Portable Install box when you run the installer.
This creates a new, fully self-contained reaper version which you can then use to reproduce your problem (or not) without affecting anything in your existing install.
Assuming you find the portable install is working OK, you can then start searching through your existing install to find out what button you clicked by mistake.

If you didnt already, look at the header of this page, where you will find links to the free user guide and a multitude of excellent free video tutorials.

Have fun!
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