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Default Loading a track into vRAM?

So I would like to build a computer, and am thinking I should get a basic GPU for video editing (using BlackMagic Fusion. Actually, I'm not even sure if this software requires a heavy GPU. Video editing forums don't seem responsive).

But if feels like a waste to spend money on a GPU that can't be used to help music...

I thought, couldn't an entire track be loaded into vRAM? If I have a GPU with 3gb of ram, it could easily hold an entire track - process that track's FX with the GPU. Why not?

The motherboard I'm thinking is this,


which only takes MXM GPUs, which are expensive so... maybe not.

I'm guessing there's no cheap USB 3 or Thunderbold GPUs?
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The fact that no one is doing it is a great hint.
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I got real interested in this a year or so back & did a lot of research. Seems like it really isnt worth the hassle with Reaper or for that matter with Sonar or Studio One or Tracktion. (The DAWs I already own)
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