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Default Help about control changes

Hi everybody,

I composed for a long time in Midi, and I put myself recently, after a period of interruption, in Reaper. But I stumble over a difficulty : I forgot certain large orders.

For example, there, I would need to be able to change the range of the pitch bend on a virtual instrument, which is not adjustable. I know that we can make it by a control change message. But which one? I know that we can act on the volume with 7, on the panoramic with 10, but I do not remember any more the code of regulation for the pitch bend. Could anybody refresh my memory? Thank you... It is important for me.

Volume : 7
Panoramic : 10
pitch bend : ???

I tried 6, but it doesn't work.

To be fixed...
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Pitch Bend is not a CC it's a separate message (1110).

Pitch Bend range is set using CC100= 0, CC101=0 plus CC6=value. But it only works if the VI accepts those commands and not all of them do.

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