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Default Problems with MIDI Step Mode - Help Please

I was just watching Kenny Gioia's video 'MIDI Step Recording in Reaper'

A great video, as always, but I am having some problems getting step-mode to work.

1. I can hear the drum sounds in my drum plug in (MT Power Drumkit 2) if I use the Virtual Keyboard (I do not have a MIDI keyboard yet) if I hit a key on the keyboard when I am not in the MIDI track, but cannot use the Virtual Keyboard to record steps in the step mode.

So, I am using the Function keys.

2. One problem here is that I have to manually move the cursor/play head to the next chosen quantize point, using the arrow key, rather than the cursor automatically advancing to the next point.

3. Most important, although not insurmountable, is that I cannot hear the drum sounds when I hit the appropriate Function key. However, I can hear what I have created when I play back the MIDI part.

Does anyone have any suggestions about how to remedy these problems?

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