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Question Another question about reaTune

I thought there was a vst that allows me to take say the last note being sung and stretch it out or shorten it to fit the song! So, if I did not hold a note long enough I can make up for it during the mixing process.

If it is possiblar to do can someone, please point me in the right direction of the work to revire and then work well with it.

Any suggestions?
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If you split the audio at the start and end of that last note then grab the right edge and ALT-DRAG, it will time-stretch the audio without changing the pitch.

If it's a held note, you might get a better result that with time-stretching if you can isolate a steady section in the middle of the sung note that you can copy/paste/insert a few times into the middle of the note with crossfades. Sort of like extending the sustain portion of the note...
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