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Default Reaper won´t play audio tracks

Hey Guys,

Since 2 days Reaper doesn´t work. I use a Focusrite Solo.
So the Problem is if I want to play the audiotrack back the Timeline freeze
and the Play Button is on, but nothing happen.
But if I change the audio device preference from Focusrite Scarlett Solo into
Build-In Output Reaper play the audiotrack back.
I have noch idea what it could be.
So pls help!!!
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Might be related to the chosen sample rate. So try using a different sample rate (like 48000 or 44100) and also make sure that inputs and outputs are set to the same sample rate, as well.
Otherwise try making an Aggregated Audi Device out of both (Focusrite + built-in Mac Output): http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=183148

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If an audio interface doesn't support a particular sample rate (eg. an older unit that doesn't support 96k), that's simply that. And the manual for the device will tell you so.

If something that used to work has stopped, that's different. I wouldn't treat that as suddenly a setting error and look for new settings. If it used to work, there's a root cause.

That scenario with Reaper (click play and it just sits there) often indicates a sample rate mismatch between different devices in the system. The root cause is usually one or more interface getting conflicting sample rate requests from multiple audio apps. If you are running multiple interfaces in an aggregate device, sometimes one device in the aggregate doesn't get a sample rate change request with the whole group like it should.

Look at the devices in the system and check up on that when this happens. Look for other audio apps set to use a different sample rate that might be making a request to core audio and getting in the way while you're using Reaper.

How are you controlling your connected audio interfaces' sample rate? The control panel in Reaper Preferences/Audio/Device page (check the boxes to enable these controls) or a different audio app or control panel app (uncheck the sample rate box on the Reaper page to disable Reaper control and allow the other app)?

First choice for SOP is to control system sample rate and block size from Reaper. Only uncheck those boxes and use other apps if a stubborn device or scenario demands it.
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