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Default Need HELP with Guitar

Right !!!

I'm too slow for this myself, so if anyone could do the job for me .

The clean guitar comp style here ...


in the intro is what I'm lookin for .

My song ...


is in no other way tryin to mimick the other one by White Trash, I'm just after the particular guitar playing style .

In add. if someone would like to re-do the lead guitar part ... (:

My song goes like this a-minor, d-minor, a-minor, e-minor, a-minor and so on .

- zergei -
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Play that at the tuner end of the neck with the strumming hand, use pick not a hard one the, strumming right hand if right hand guitarist on first few strings of chord keep hand close to strings.

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Maybe don't play a full barre, 3 or 4 top strings should be enough and mute? Maybe try and hit the minor 3rd. Are you using a vst amp and FX or is this hardware? I DI and often use the free Native Instruments Guitar Rig 5 Player. You can get a tone like that pretty much 'straight out of the box' with an AC30, Blackface or Marshall 800 amp emulation.

Record at a slower tempo or record and 'comp' the chords together.
KVR: Old Free VSTi Gems From The Past Plugin list: A-Z zillions of links

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