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Default Question about reaDelay VST

I am new to using this VST and simply wanted to know which of the adjustments is used to alter the length of the delay that I get?

I am only using one TAP

My choices are

Length (musical)
Lowpass filter
Hipass filter
Stereo Width

and then what looks like 2 adjustments for volume.

I like the delayed sound, just not such a long delay, more of just enough for the listener to know that some kind of sound effect is there. Something very subtle.

I would be gratefult for your suggestions.
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I guess to adjust length you should adjust...length?

"Wet" slider might be more useful for making it subtle, no matter the length loudly mixed echo repetition will be, well, loud.
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And the difference between length and length(musical) is one is measured in miiliseconds and the other in 1/8th notes.

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Length and Length (musical)
ADD together to determine the amount of time before the first repeat and between any subsequent repeats.

Essential determines how many repeats happen. The first repeat is always as loud as the original input, and each subsequent repeat is this much quieter.

Lowpass filter and Hipass filter
Affect the frequency response of the repeats. I can't remember if this affects the first repeat, but it is definitely applied over and over again to each repeat so they will get more and more filtered as it tails out.

Basically just adds noise.

Stereo Width
Adjusts the stereo width of the output kind of relative to the input.

Controls the overall volume of the repeats. Remember how I said "the first repeat will be as loud as the input?" We'll, that's before this control, like when it's set to 0db.

Controls how much of the original input gets mixed with the Wet at the output.

Hope it helps some.
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Go to the video section > FX & Plugins > ReaDelay Part I and 2
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