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Default Help! Reaper looking in wrong place for track template folder

Hey all. Longtime reaper user, so I can generally figure out what's going on, but I'm stumped. Recently (and there must have been some event that triggered this but I don't know what it was) whenever I try to load a track from one of my templates, either from the menu or using my keyboard shortcut, it defaults to a completely different folder- NOT my track templates in the reaper folder. I can't find anywhere where this can be changed or reverted. Any help would be great. I can navigate to the correct folder (which is where it has always been and still is) but that sort of takes away the convenience of having a key shortcut and a bunch of track templates. Sorry I can't tell you right now where the new location is- away from my computer stuck in an airport, so thought I could try to get some answers! The new folder location when I try to load a track template isn't in the reaper folder at all- that I remember
-Mike MacFarland
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Not all sure I get what you say.

It lists your template in menu as such, actually finding it - but what happends when you try to load it?

When I load track template - it just loads - no questions asked.

But something not found - so you get a dialog to tell where to look, or?

References in the template as such don't find some items?
Changed project folders, moved things to other disks.
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Hi MJFarmermac,
all that I found is an entry in the S&M.ini. Open it in a text editor and check the paths there under "resources", but I'm not sure if that is the solution. Maybe it clarifies at least s.th.


PS: is there a certain reason why you posted in the "Color Themes and Icon Sets" forum? You may get more answers in the "Q&A, Tips, Tricks and Howto" forum or "General Discussion Forum".
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I've had this issue before. Drove me nuts. Never figured out what caused it, eventually fixed itself...
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