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Default keys on my midi keyboard inserts markers?

Hi there,

Im not sure what I've done, but certain keys on my midi keyboard are sending messages to reaper. For example if I press C5, a new marker is inserted. A4 removes the marker. Another key turns on the Click!

Can anybody help... how can I turn this off?

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Which MIDI keyboard are you using, exactly?

In the meantime you can try this:

1) Open the Action List
2) Click on the [Find shortcut ...] button
3) Hit a key on the MIDI Keyboard and see if it's assigned to an Action as Shortcut (which you can delete)

Depending on which MIDI keyboard you're using, you can also try to go into Preferences > Audio > MIDI Devices and only Enable Input (from this device) for the MIDI keyboard (instead of both options 'Enable Input' and 'Enable input for control messages').

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