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Default Constant bar size with tempo map

Hi all, apologies if his has been covered or if it already exists.

I find the way the main window changes when creating tempo maps irksome.
When you change the tempo in the tempo lane Reaper changes the size of the bars, and the playhead moves at the same speed.
Is there a way to reverse this, where the bar size stays constant and the playhead changes speed?


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There's no way to do that currently.
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To me this seems like a valid request.

see also: -> http://forum.cockos.com/showthread.php?t=192251#19

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Well you can just use playrate to change speed instead of the tempo map (right click the transport bar to show the playrate slider). I actually prefer this because trying to tempo map with both MIDI and audio in a project is still a friggin nightmare, since MIDI doesn't use timebase the same as audio. You'll also achieve smoother transitions this way than are possible with tempo mapping.
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I agree 100% with this feature request, It would be much much cleaner and easier to work with...

here's a related feature request I made a while ago:

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