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Default Importing Presets


I had some questions about importing presets into Reaper. I've been successful, but there are a few awkward things, and I wonder if anyone has solutions or suggestions? Running Windows here, so there may be some in-built suppositions.

So, McDSP plugins come with presets in TFX and VSTPRESET formats, nothing for VST2.4.

I used a copy of Fxtractor to convert the VSTPRESET files to FXB. There didn't seem to be an option to convert to FXP. On load, the McDSP plugins complain about FXB version mismatch. I fixed that with some data swabbing via a Python script.

Then I import an FXB file via the "+" menu, but the preset isn't named in the dropdown menu. I've been naming the presets as I've saved them as presets to Reaper, to the INI file.

Is there anyway that Reaper will recognize the FXB filename as the preset name? Any faster way of naming Reaper presets than typing?

Several of the preset collections are divided into directories, for example "Artist Presets" accompanying the Analog Channel plugin. Any way to reflect this hierarchy in the Reaper preset dropdown? My though was to prefix the preset with the artist's initials: "JC Groovy 2", etc. Any other way to organize presets into groups in the dropdown menu?

Thanks so much! Charles
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no answers but a question plz:

thanks to you I just learned that fxtractor exists.... kewl

I've been looking for an old tool that was something like this for vst2 stuff

that was fxp2fxb but can't seem to find it anymore...

It seems from the github reading that fxtractor only deals with vst3 presets...

I'd love to find somthing that would take a folder of vst2 fxp's and create a new bank, fxb....

any ideas???
...should be fixed for the next build... http://tinyurl.com/cr7o7yl
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Hi hopi-

Are you comfortable at all with a terminal command line? Do you have an example FXB with a few presets in it?
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