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Default Trouble Whit Swing Grid

Finally today I had a chance to use swing grig to keep the drummer's groove in place but unfortunatley This feature trouble my REAPER set up.
Baically what I did was really similar to KENNY GOIA video (http://www.reaper.fm/videos.php#ZY3fiDV8hIE).

I selected the note i wanted to swing, I marked adjust and selected, but unfortunately REAPER did't swing my items on the grid. I try to do the same with MIDI in midi editor, but same result nothing happened.
I thought was just the way I setup my DAW (i'm not new in REAPER), BUT HERE IS THE FUNNY THING:

I step back and I brouth my grid back to default and I decided to quantize everything in a straight grid as usual. I usually select the note and use the command: SWS/FGN:Quantize item position and MIDI note position to grid.
It always work perfectly!!!
But today after messing up with swing grid, this comand doesn't work properly anymore. Anytime I hit the quantize command, it move my Item randomly on the grid (even if swing grid is not active anymore).

Any of you had the same problem???

If you need more specification about my problem please don't be afraid to ask, I'd love to resolve it ASAP... thanks

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