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Default Quickest way to crossfade between 100 items?

I wrote a program to morph two sounds. It outputs 100 or so samples, each the full length of the sounds being morphed. Sample 1 is instrument A, Sample 100 is instrument B, and the rest are the inbetween sounds.

So I want to crossfade from Sample 1 through the rest to Sample 100 to complete the morph. and back from 100 to 1, and rest around 50, etc.

Is there any quick way I can accomplish this in Reaper?
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something like this ?
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Close! But all the samples are of the same thing, so they should all be aligned to play at the same time, but with the mix playing only one at a time, and with automation to go through samples 1-100 (like with the modwheel or an envelope).

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so you have two tracks with items of same length at the same position.

get the sws and reapack extensions.
there you find a script like 'x-raym copy region and put it at the end of the project', setting a keyboard shortcut to it for easier execution.

create a region over the items and press your keyboardshortcut 100 times. (Maybe you are able te create a script which loops from 1 to 100 performing the script)

create volume envelopes for Track 1 and 2 from beginning to end
Track 1 run from 0 to -inf
Track 2 run -inf to 0

ok, increasing in steps would be more exact but i guess that can be neglected, depends on the length of the items.

make a folder Track

render the folder track to mono or stereo muting the sources

render the result with region matrix to single files.

there you are (almost)
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Maybe could you post screenshots for before-after quick demos that we can understand the situation a bit better ? :P
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x-fade script

Any good for you..?

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