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Default Recording Drums on Reaper. HELP!

hi all , i need some advice. i am trying to record my drum kit on reaper but its turned out too be a bit of a challenge. i used to use garageband which was really easy too use but i wanted more plugins and all round better editing freedom. i will talk you through my set up then my problem

drum kit has 4 mics on it , 2 are SE condenser mics the other 2 are dynamics , i have these running into a focusrite Scarlett 18i8 interface. which then goes via usb too my mac.

now my problem… i open up reaper go too prefrences - audio device - then i select scarlett 18i8. just like i do on garageband. i then make a new track and select the imput to come from scarlett 18i8 channel 1 but when i tap the mic it will not show up in reaper. yet if i do the same thing in garage band they link and i can see them peaking. this is probably a really easy problem to solve but ive spent all day trying to figure it out and i cant suss it at all! i want to record 4 seprate tracks so i can mess with plugins and make snare , kick etc sound better individually. i have watch loads of youtube videos and they all keep saying its easy and i follow them step by step but when i create the track there is no volume bar where i can see the mics peaking or any signs that they have connected.

any advice would be appreciated. thank you
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You can select your audio interface from the device menu and click apply.

Question: If you close preferences and reopen it, is your interface selection still there?

Do you see all the inputs from the device when you go to assign an input to a track? (What I'm leading at is that you aren't 'really' seeing just input 1/2 from your built-in audio, for example, and actually selecting that.)

If that all looks proper but there's just no input coming through...

Verify that the input is live on the interface. It has at least an led signal indicator if not a meter right?
You have the rec arm button clicked in Reaper right?
If you were aiming to live monitor through Reaper you have the track's monitor switch set to input or auto? (Sounds like you're not looking to do that - just recording - but just mentioning this.)

No operator error?

Time to check up on the interface's driver from Focusrite and/or OSX version compatibility.
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You probably need to first boot Focusrite's Mix Control software (of which there's a brand new update for most models), then, as serr says, make it change from the default system in & out to the Scarlett in Reaper's preferences (Audio/device). I don't think you need to get the Scarlett up in Apple's Audio Midi Setup, but if you don't get it in the available devices open Audio Midi Set up and make sure it shows up there and select it as your current interface. I don't think I've ever had to do that with my Scarlett except for when I've used other interfaces in between, but it wouldn't hurt to check. Pretty sure that GarageBand is defaulting to your last setup while Reaper is defaulting to its default before being set up to use the Scarlett.
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Agree on Mix Control. It's quite confusing but you should be able to see the signal is there. Focusrite are super helpful though so give them a call if there's a problem.

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