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Default Use camelegg rss for automated price-monitoring


To the developers of CamelEgg: I have a request. Would you be okay with me using your awesome RSS feeds to automatically change prices on my computer-building business website ( I set this site up for custom builds that I do that allows them to configure their computer and then just send the quote to me, marking up the charges that I add for labor and shipping automatically. Typically, I get my prices from NewEgg, and they either have to be entered in manually or automatically using the crappy scraper I coded, but ever since I've came across your site, I've played with the idea of using your RSS feeds instead (and then using some cool XML parsing functions in PHP to extract the data).

If your fine with this, then I have a couple questions: a) do you want any credit, or a link to your site given? b) is there a more robust RSS feed on CamelEgg that I can go to, where I can get even better data?

Thanks for your time
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up here in my tree
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Shoot me an email and we can talk about this further.
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