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Human being with feelings
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Default Firefox 4.0 Issue

Anyone else have problems with Firefox 4.0 screen-caps? I typically use the Active Window capture, but when I try and snap a screenshot, shup picks up on the last Flash page that was viewed, instead of whatever the current screen is. My flash version is 10.2

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That's odd. I just captured a FF4 window and it worked fine.

Can you please provide the exact steps it takes to reproduce this bug? Any special FF addons installed? Using Vista/Win7's Aero theme?
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Human being with feelings
Join Date: Apr 2011
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Thanks for the response Dan... I have tried to disable my Firefox add-ons (Ad-Block plus, Fireform, Ghostery), but to no help with the issue. I am not using any added themes, just (Default 4.0) appearance. I have also tried to re-install flash.

For steps, I use my hotkey for active window capture, but whatever the last viewed flash content displayed was, shows up in the resulting screencap edit(shup image editor) window. Sometimes it will be a mix of different flash content (for example: youtube + weatherspark)

In this Example, I went to youtube watched a video, then came back this this forum, and tried to capture the screen.
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