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Default Shup is Malware?

My Avira Personal Antivirus classifies the shup install.exe as malware.
As kind of a trojan:
Since Avira scanner is widely used, I wonder why there isn't any way around to download Shup, other than uninstalling the antivirus software?
It isn't a trojan though, is it?

Thanks for any help.
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Shup is not malware. Most likely, Avira is detecting that the domain name has been flagged as a malware host, given its history of Shup users uploading virii to Stashbox and having them tagged on as well, and any EXEs coming from it as malware.
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I'd say it's a false positive introduced by a recent definition file for Avira as per usual - I just checked and downloaded the current Shup_install.exe, which is bit-identical to the file I downloaded last year, then I updated Avira and it started bleeping in my downloads folder. This time it's not only the usual false heuristics alert though, it really seems to think it found something. Anyway, if there was malware on board it did a really crappy job in the past few years.
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