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Originally Posted by danbb View Post
What happens if I just keep using Windows 7? Will I be risking losing data or viruses etc.? I'd prefer not to have to learn a new OS if I can avoid it. If it's unavoidable though, what is the best linux distro for running Reaper and do they come with WINE and JACK etc. pre installed? I really hate Windows 10 and can't face the idea of caving into it, but linux seems complicated and I'm having trouble deciding what to do. I'm wondering if I should just disconnect my computers from the internet to reduce risk and just keep running Windows 7 indefinitely.
Microsoft will take your money if you want security updates after this year, for up to 3 years at a higher fee for each consecutive year. After that, or without the extended support starting Jan 1st 2020, yes - the only way to be safe is to stay disconnected. So you'll never want another plugin? Don't cave. There was a time Reaper seemed complicated to you, I bet. Or routing sends or setting up your interface or using a compressor or playing an instrument.

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