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Default Keylab mk1 and Reaper presets (VSTi) - how to do it?


I can't solve it myself, so I'm asking experts. I use Reaper for several years, mainly as VST host and for minor recordings. It's excellent, I don't want to change it to anything else. Yet it's so difficult to make things work without some deeper tweaks with plugins, extensions, scripts etc. My main concern is to make it work with my plugins as it is with AnalogLab - purely changing presets and showing them on controller's screen. No tweaking, no editing - just the ability to change them through live shows and see their names. I'm semi-pro jazz player, so I know my stuff, but I want the simpliest solution and don't want to look on notebook screen all the time .

I just bought Arturia KeyLab 61 mk1 second-hand (classic version with aftertouch keyboard which is superior in quality over Essential or mkII - aftertouch is essential for me) and want to use it with my VSTi. I was using my plugins via Roland RD-700GX (each plugin on each channel - it has excellent mode as master controller). Roland was on the bottom, and for upper keyboard I have Juno Di.

I bought recently KeyLab and want to integrate it more with my plugins. I'm using Omnisphere/Keyscape (it has excellent live mode), OP-X II Pro (it's ok), Korg Legacy Collection (it has to be on Channel 1, otherwise sending Program Change is doable), but there's a big problem with Roland Cloud plugins, which don't respond to PC, and one and only workaround is to use Reaper Presets.

So, at this point, I was using Reaper presets, which solved my problem with PC on all plugins (every plugin has saved Reaper presets).

What I want to do:
1. Make the master list of all my presets (every one on different channel) and - if possible - make several versions (I play with different bands), so I need several setups
2. Change them on the fly (one button - Arturia's memory banks or by using 16 pads) - I'm playing mainly jazz/r'n'b/pop stuff (events and so), and I don't plan to use more than 10-16 presets
3. Make Reaper to show the name of the patch on the screen of KeyLab (essential!) - just like in the hardware (and AnalogLab )
4. Further integration with OSC protocol - by using Android or by using Mimo Magic Touch USB monitor to change patches in the similiar way as it is on Korg Kronos - 4x4 matrix or similiar - I believe it's doable via SWS Extensions
5. This one is hard to explain - if above is somewhat not possible, is there a way to integrate all the Reaper presets on one list, and change them through Juno Di fixed on ONE channel (let's say Ch1)? Different presets will be on different Channels (otherwise all of them will play, right?), and messing with Channel changing and PC/MSB/LSB is pain in the... I just want to know if it's possible - change Reaper presets (through ReaControl MIDI or something else?) on different channels through MIDI controller working on ONE channel.

Please, it's very important to me to know if it's possible, if someone has achieved it and if no - then maybe some tips how to do it? I'm playing live, I HAVE to make things as simple and intuitive (and fool-proof!) as possible. I was searching the forum high and low, but there's no post about classic KeyLab 61 in such scenario.

I found info about sending SysEx messages, making it possible to change text on the display:

So additional question:
6. It's possible by changing Reaper presets to add soms SysEx at the end, so after changing it, the KeyLab should show the name of patch? I saw some info in ReaControl MIDI about sending SysEx.

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