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Default Mic distortion until reaper_host32.exe stops working

I am having problem with microphone inputs getting distorted. This started happening about two months ago, and it hasn't been persistent. Worth noting this only happens with microphones, if I input a guitar, nothing out of the ordinary happens.

I have a Focusrite 18i20, also worth noting I have an 18i8 that it happens on as well. I have tried all available mic inputs on both interfaces, different mics, different cables, different sample rates, different buffer sizes... Everything I have tried, has resulted in no improvements. I assumed it was something on focusrites side, until today. Today I was going to change a vst on my guitar input, and I got the dialog box that said: reaper_host32.exe has stopped working. I clicked the only button on it, which was to close the program. When I did, Reaper remained open, and my mic problems completely disappeared. I have tried this multiple times, and every time that reaper_host32.exe stops working and I close out of it, my mics start sound clear.

So my question, what is this process if it doesn't close out of reaper when it closes, and why is it seeming to affect my microphones?

Thank you
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This process is the bit bridge to run 32bit plugins in 64bit Reaper.

Some plugs just don't like being bridged....maybe this is the problem.
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