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Default Will the Novation SL Zero work with REAPER?

Hi, I've had the Zero SL MkII for (what feels like about) ten years. It sits on my desk looking pretty but I've never been able to use it. When I first bought it, I rang technical support, who rang me back (which was nice of them) but didn't really solve my problems.

So - I have REAPER working (magically and I don't know how) with the Zero SL. It just controls some of the sliders and pans. It does limited transport (play and stop - not much use, really).

I would love to learn how to use it with the REAPER plugins. Is that even possible? Otherwise, I have wasted a lot of money.

Has anyone ever used one successfully with REAPER? If so, can you help me with it?

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Yes. MIDI is MIDI. Automapping plugins sucks IMO (they tend to end up with weird names in a weird layout), so I set it up manually. I use Automap to lay out all the controls I would want to use, ensuring they all have unique CC#s. Then I just learn the controls to the plugins I want to use ticking the box about "only when effect is focused." That way I can use the same layout for different plugins and just bring them onscreen when I want to control them. You can have several different layouts to switch between if you enable multiple channels in Automap advanced preferences. I have 4; Reaper shortcuts, Synth controls, EQ controls, and Guitar Amp controls. Those switches are that bottom row of buttons above the transport and each can have multiple pages. Also set in and out to Automap MIDI in the Automap MIDI ports section where you choose the active channels.

For this to work correctly though you need to enable Control only for Automap in Reaper MIDI devices and enable Input only for ReMote (for the keys). Because Automap acts as a translator, so you want the controls going through Automap and not directly to Reaper. Do not enable any of the outputs.

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I have an SL61 MK1, so it's the Zero with a keyboard. I don't install the Novation drivers any more.

This unit shows up as three midi input devices (keyboard, external midi IN on the unit and the control section as the third input). I enabled that third input for control input only.

It works very well for controlling all kinds of stuff. I use the (non-endless) knobs for controlling send levels on selected tracks. You can swap out the knobs for chroma caps too.

If you need lots of endless knobs, the Arturia Beatstep (with chroma caps if you like ) is an inexpensive solution with a great editor.
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