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Default Cursor and play position settings

Is there a way to seperate the cursor and the play posistion.

I'm constantly clicking and moving the start posistion while i'm editing, i'd rather it be a seperate item i can drag and just leave at the start of a midi clip and/or start of the track or loop and leave it there unless i want to change it, instead every time i click on things it moves and its pretty annoying actually.

Does reaper have options to change how this works, i really dont want to move the start every time i click a midi note or change a media posistion.


edit - also now when im in my midi editor its wont play the midi loop seperate to the main track it just stalls, my main arrangement plays, i havent changed anything i can think of to do with this any ideas why it wont loop the midi editor seperate now? Thanks

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Also i'm a little confused about sync'ing midi to be honest. If i run the metronome while i'm monitoring and put some negative offset on each midi instrument i get a tighter sync when making all my sounds etc, but then when i record them in the sound record a few ms early and setting the offsets back to the default 0ms makes them record in the correct place. I'm not using the low latency either i dont know if this would solve this but i don't quite understand why the offset is there if its not needed (and i know it is this isn't the first tiem i've set up midi).

Surely you would think the offset would be tied to the recording posistion, or the monitoring wouldn't need offestting if its recording in the right posistion without any offset neeeded. What am i not understanding here?
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