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Default MIDI Humanize sometimes shows - or not

MacOS 12.3.1
Reaper 6.63

***This works as expected:
I double-click a midi-item, and it opens in midi-editor.
I press "H", and the "Humanize Notes" dialog opens.
I choose "All Notes".
I drag the Velocity-controller right and left.
I can see that in the midi-editor the velocities of the notes change accordingly.
I go to menu, selecting "View - Event List"
The midi-editor changes into Event-List as expected.
I go back to the "Humanize Notes" - dialog, and drag the Velocity again.
Nothing changes in the Event List. OK, I can consider this as a feature instead of a bug.

Now I go back to the Menu, select "View - Piano Roll".
Then back to Humanize-dialog.

***This does not work as expected:
Now: dragging the Velocity-controller right and left: no visible effect on the piano roll window.
The same problem applies to Timing and Timing bias also (in addition to Velocity).

If I close the Humanize-dialog and open it again, then these work again.
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