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Default Fullscreen switching annoyance w/reaper

I use Reaper on El Capitan.

Maximizing Reaper makes it go full screen, which could be great except that doing some functions, like clicking on a mixer channel insert, which brings up the plugins window, often causes the full-screened Reaper window to "swipe" away to my previous desktop space, sometimes showing the plugins window i requested (and other windows I had previously opened) on that old "space", but sometimes not even the plugin window. Either way I then I have to switch back to the full screen "space' (by using cmd+tab or hovering over my dock and cick the reaper icon) that Reaper is on, and I'll see the plugin window there.

Sometimes selecting a new plugin will cause the same maddening behavior, and I find myself in a constant war of trying to click back into different "spaces" just to accomplish simple tasks.

What happened to the good old days of having 1 workspace, or at least not having a desktop environment where windows open seemingly arbitrarily into different spaces, with mandatory swipe animations?

Im losing my mind over this. I just want all my work related to reaper to be in one space, no desktop switching.

Anyone else experience this, or have a workaround? The best I can come up with is to never "maximize" (full screen) reaper, which is a very hard habit to break (clciking on the green + button at the top of Reaper window)..

Thanks all.
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