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Default Midi <-> OSC

Hi experts,

I have done a rather complex set of JSFX plugins to control the sound "patches" loaded in Reaper for live playing by a motor-fader enabled controller board ("XTouch Compact"). Hence the JSFX system does bidirectional communication with the controller via Midi. Now I'd like to add communication with a mixer device ("XR 18") coupled via OSC (over WiFi) to display and modify the mixer settings on the controller board.

Right now, I plan to do a Python program, as same needs to be able to find the mixer via OSC and register for being sent any values modified by other instances also attached to same. A Friend of mine already did and successfully uses such a Python program, communicating with the XR18 via OSC and with some hardware device via Midi.

I wonder if it might be viable to use OSCIIbot with some EEL programming instead (as I am rather experienced with EEL but not with Python yet).

Did anybody already successfully use OSCIIbot and can provide some comments ?

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