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Default Disappearing audio + maximum noise

Hi all!

Have had this experience a couple of times now but today it was more clear what was happening.

One of my audio files stops working (I see the waveform, but hear no sound). And then at times it can shoot out noise at the maximum level. Very frustrating because this is really loud.

I've found that the file in question also does not load in the media explorer when this happens. Reloading the project makes it work again.

I'm on reaper 64, v5.961, windows 10.

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When you lose sound, try removing the plugins from the track one by one. I've seen this problem with some older plugins. If the sound comes back after removing one, you have a bad plug and should stop using it.

Also, you can have Reaper mute the master when loud bursts are detected in preferences/audio/mute/solo
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thanks for your reply!

It's not a plugin problem: I've tried bypassing plugins and the file is also not playing in the media explorer.

Yeah muting the master is not a bad idea... still you will probably want to have some headroom before it mutes so a shot of noise will still be very loud .
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