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Default Newbie question about proper way to render my music

Hey all:

My name is Steven and I am a singer and am recording my favorite music. I am using Reaper in the following way as per instruction from a person I found on YouTube. I have the following tracks for each song:

Track 1 - Music
Track 2 - Vox
Track 3 - FX (I am only using the reaVerborate VST!)

I record the music from my karaoke website without any FX at all onto the music track.
I do record the vocal on the Vox track.
I use the FX track to apply VST's to the vocal track.
That means if I play back a song I have recorded and the FX is turned off, I will only get the Vox without any FX.

So, with this configuration, once I am happy with the FX that I have selected for the vocal and they are set up on the FX channel, when I go to render the song, how do I get the rendered version of the song to reflect the FX that I have selected?

My second question is that in previous recordings I have made and shared them with a few people, they all say that there is too much ECHO on my voice! When I am recording my music it sounds OK to me, but I guess not to others!

How can I compensate for this issue so that I get the benefit of the reaVerbirate but just not have so much ECHO? Is there a YouTube video that covers this issue? I learn best by watching someone show me what to do and how!
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When you render you have to choose as source the Master mix.
The sample rate and format is up to you.

When is concerned the echo, routing appropriately the vocal track (that means you have to create two sends: one for master mix and one for the FX track) you can use the volume of the FX track as "more" or "less" echo.
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You need to SEND your vocal track to the reverb track, you can then set how much or little reverb you want.
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