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Default Homemade MIDI controller for live Reaper guitar use

Last year I started playing at a new venue that required a silent stage. I ended up switching from my pedalboard and amp to using Reaper and VSTs (Helix Native, specifically) on my laptop. I've been using this setup to both rehearse and perform for the last year and its working great, I enjoy it a lot!

I'm sharing my code and some tips how to build a MIDI controller quite cheaply. Depending on where you order parts from it can range from $150-$50 in cost to build. The board can be build as battery powered/wireless or wired via USB

I'm using this board to control ReaLive which handles my guitar sounds as well as starting and stopping click/cue tracks. I also use the ReaLearn plugin to assign the buttons to various functions in my VSTs, such as changing snapshots or volume/wah pedal use.

Here's the code and some info: https://github.com/highway11/ESP32-M...-USBSerialMIDI

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Nice job Highway, I always enjoy seeing DIY projects such as this. Thanks for posting it.
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This is more than impressive...

Thanks for sharing it.
Mike Lacey, Leicestershire, UK
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Very interesting. I did make my controller from a line 6 enclosure and a teensy cpu that was programmed for me by a friend.
But your setup with OLED display makes me think. I may contact you for some help on this as I know NOTHING about C+
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