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Unhappy Midi Setup - Noise and Crackle

I just went to install a new Keyboard controller - an M-Audio Code 61... Went into preferences, no issues... found the Code61. When I went to use it I added a track and selected the midi channel for the keyboard then assigned a sound and armed record. The Midi signal is being received and I can hear the sound but along with it is a huge amount of noise and crackle. No idea why... I wasn't even recording, just sampling the sound.. Anyway, to check if it was the keyboard, I unplugged it and replaced it with another controller keyboard, changed the midi device to the new one and same exact issue.. Its unusable with the tremendous amount of noise and crackle..
Anyway, to rule things out, I do have another install of Reaper on another computer and when I set things up there and run it, both keyboards work fine.
Are there any set up parameters in Reaper on my one computer that is causing this as an issue? Buffer size, etc?
Its not the computer as I tried the 2 keyboards with another DAW and they both work fine with both computers. It must be something in the settings..
Can someone help?
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Unhappy Crackle Fixed but New Issue

Ok I fixed the noise issue.
Here is a new issue though..
I have a huge delay between the key strike and the sound generated..
I even disabled the controller and only used the reaper virtual keyboard as a test and same thing.. I would say the delay between hitting the note and hearing a sound is about .5 seconds...
Any ideas on this?
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Can you please post more details about your setup:

- Which Operating system (version)?
- What are you using as audio device (model name)?

And what are your current settings in Reaper's Preferences > Audio > Device:

- Which Audio System/Driver is selected?
- To what's the Sample Rate and Buffer/Block Size set to?

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