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Default Just to remind everyone of the Airwindows Linux plugins...

Airwindows has the best sounding plugins, and they are all open source and on Linux! You can download the entire collection here:


This link will always have all the latest versions included accordind to the site.

Check out Spiral 2 for the nicest analogy distortion, and maybe the console plugins. There is a guide and Reaper templates here for setting up the virtual console:


There maybe no fancy GUI on these plugins, but they use state of the art DSP that sounds much better than others... and you can go and look for yourself how it is done!


Then go and donate if you use them:


He seems like a really cool person.

Here’s a list of each plugin in this collection and what it does, from newest to oldest (July 2018).

Spiral2 is Spiral with controls including Presence.
StereoFX is an aggressive stereo widener.
DrumSlam is a heavy-processing tape modeler.
DeRez is an analog-style bit and sample rate crusher with continuous adjustments.
SingleEndedTriode is unusual analog modeling effects.
Energy is electrifying fixed-frequency treble boosts.
Distance2 is a versatile space shaper for creating depth.
Righteous4 is a final output stage for targeting dynamic range.
Golem lets you blend a stereo track of two mics on an amp.
Spiral is the new best smoothest distortion algorithm.
Channel5 is Channel for 2018, with new subtleties.
Wider is Airwindows stereo space shaping.
Atmosphere is Console5 processing with powerful new acoustic distance effects.
Aura is a new kind of resonant lowpass EQ.
CrunchyGrooveWear is a version of GrooveWear for more edge and distortion.
EQ is just the EQ parts of CStrip.
NonlinearSpace is a flexible reverb plugin.
C5RawConsole is the original Console5 algorithm, with optional very gentle DC suppression.
OneCornerClip is an ultimate full-bandwidth clipper.
PDConsole: Console5 and PurestDrive, sittin’ in a tree… (i.e. both at once, on channels and buss)
Hard Vacuum is tube style saturation effects.
ElectroHat is a hi-hat tone generator that uses the original sound as a control voltage.
Voice Of The Starship is a deep noise tone source.
Acceleration is an acceleration limiter that tames edge, leaves brightness.
PurestDrive is the magic saturation plugin of subtlety and French House tone.
GrooveWear is for scrubbing highs off mechanically like a stylus would.
Noise is the Airwindows deep noise oscillator, as a sound reinforcer.
ToVinyl4 is a vinyl-mastering simulator bringing several vinyl-type colors.
PurestConsole is the most free from coloration Console system.
Console5 is a richer, warmer Console system.
ButterComp is my softest, smoothest compressor.
Swell is Dial-an-attack, like sidechaining.
CStrip is an Airwindows channel strip.
PurestWarm is a subtle tone shaper and warmth adder.
HermeTrim is Very Fine Adjustments, otherwise just like EveryTrim.
NC-17 is Dirty Loud!
EveryTrim is Left/Right, Mid/Side, and Master in one plugin.
Ensemble is a weird flangey little modulation effect.
ADClip7 is the ultimate Airwindows loudness maximizer/ peak control.
Hombre is atmosphere and texture (through very short delays).
ChorusEnsemble is a more complex, multi-tap mono chorus.
Logical4 is a classic 2-buss compressor.
Chorus is a mono chorus, also works as a vibrato.
DustBunny is unpredictable distorty noise, like dust wedged under your turntable needle.
StarChild is a weird digital ambience/echo plugin.
Desk4 is distinctive analog coloration (a tuneable version of the control-less Desk plugins)
TapeDust is just a special treble-erode noise, a ‘slew noise’ plugin.
FromTape is a minimalist, cleaner analog tape emulation.
AQuickVoiceClip softens headset mic recordings that have been super hard clipped on capture.
ToTape 5 is the highest quality Airwindows analog tape emulation.
PurestEcho is optimized Airwindows echo with exactly four evenly spaced taps on tap.
BussColors 4 is the Airwindows console emulations, now working up to 192K correctly.
Iron Oxide Classic is the purer, simpler, early form of Iron Oxide before all the features.
Bite is an unusual edge-maker.
Iron Oxide 5 is the old school, heavily colored Airwindows tape emulation.
Air is a different bright EQ from any other. Requires 44.1K.
Loud is distortion and demolition of air molecules, modeled.
High Impact is distorted grit and punch without fatness.
SideDull is like Sidepass, but a lowpass on the side channel. Treble-centerer.
Surge is a compressor for accentuating beats and pulses.
DCVoltage is literally a DC control voltage, in a plugin.
Hermepass is a mastering highpass to set by ear only.
EdIsDim is mid/side conversion utility plugins.
Melt is a wobbly chorusy weird diffuse effect.
BuildATPDF is a dither-making toolkit.
DoublePaul is like PaulDither but more so.
Capacitor is a lowpass/highpass filter of a new type.
Sidepass is a simple utility plugin, a highpass on the side channel. Mono-maker.
NotJustAnotherDither/CD is next-gen wordlength reducers (24 and 16 bit).
Tremolo is fluctuating saturation curves for a tubey tremolo.
TubeDesk is a tube recording console type tone coloring.
TransDesk is more of a transistory, rock desk analog modeling.
Desk is classic Airwindows subtle analog modeling.
PowerSag is for emulating power supply limitations in analog modeling.
Fracture is a frequency multiplier/waveshaper with a soft disruption to the sound.
NaturalizeDither is deterministic dither that uses Benford Realness calculations for each sample.
NodeDither is adjusta-TPDF-dither, like a dither flanger. Can do Paul and Tape settings.
TapeDither is TPDF dither with noise like reel-to-reel tape.
SpatializeDither is a high-performance clarity and accuracy dither.
VinylDither is a high-performance dither that converts digital noise to ‘groove noise’.
HighGlossDither is a hybrid between shiny dither and truncation! Unnatural science experiment.
PaulDither is a highpassed TPDF dither. (quieter, airier)
TPDFDither is TPDF dither. (exactly what it says on the tin)
BitShiftGain is the ‘One Weird Trick’ perfect boost/pad, but in 6db increments ONLY.
PurestGain is a high-res noise shaped gain, with smoothed fader.
Distance is a sound design or reverb far-away-izer.
SurgeTide is a surge and flow dynamics plugin.
Point is an explosive transient designer.
Pyewacket is an old school compressor for high definition transients. Adds no fatness, just energy.
PhaseNudge is a phase rotator/allpass filter.
Drive: the angry distortion!
Density is a Swiss Army Knife of saturation/antisaturation.
Lowpass deepens the tone, leaves a gloss and textural modifications.
Highpass is a time warp, for retro midrangey sounds.
ToneSlant is a super-transparent ‘tilt EQ’ with very low Q.
Average is a distinctive sort of lowpass filter.
Slew2 works like a de-esser or acceleration limiter: controls extreme highs.
Thunder is a compressor that retains or exaggerates subsonic bass when you push it.
ClipOnly is a clipper plugin that suppresses the brightness of digital clipping without affecting unclipped samples.
Pressure4 is a compressor adjustable between vari-mu and ‘new york’ peak-retaining behaviors.
FathomFive is a way of supplementing extreme bass that’s not just EQ.
SlewOnly is a mix check plugin that shows you only the extreme highs.
SubsOnly is a mix check plugin that shows you only the extreme lows.
Guitar Conditioner is like a Tube Screamer voicing without the squishiness and indistinctness.
Channel4 is a tone coloring plugin that gives more of an analog feel.
Slew is a slew clipper, which darkens treble in an unusual way.
Console4 is the original Airwindows ITB mixing system, a two-plugin mix buss replacement for DAWs.
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