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Default New (not nu) Metal Project 'Deathdrumz'

Hi everyone,

I'm new to this forum. I recently changed from Cubase to Reaper and haven't looked back! This DAW (in my honest opinion) is better than everything else out there. The amount of features and ease of use make this second to none for me.

After being in bands I've decided to focus on my own music. As well as Reaper, I'm using Toontrack's Superior Drummer 3, with the basic drum library, played in with my Yamaha electronic drum kit. I'm then using mostly free software, from Melda Production, to STL guitar amps and more.

This is the first release of many more. I'm looking for a vocalist to work with. No commitment required as it's not a gigging band. A vocalist can feature on one track or more if they want.


I hope you like and welcome any production feedback.

Thank you
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Welcome Deathdrumz

Late october seems about right to drop this package...very well delivered,agressive yet controlled,arrangement and production skill quite obvious....I could go on but I'll keep it short.As if it was performed for a dangerous work place, like a semi outdoor sawmill in a rainstorm.I wiah I was a singer.Have a cool Halloween!
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That sounds fantastic!, did you use the STL Ignite amp sim?
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Hi Prom, hi Davetbass,

Thank you for the kind welcome! I'm sorry I haven't responded sooner.

I was initially a bit wary of doing this, I'm trying to get better at taking criticism. That being said, my friends that I show mixes too are all really complimentary. I self deprecate that much that I think well they would be kind, they're mates! It's really refreshing to reinforce the compliments with people I haven't met before I can't thank you enough for your time and feedback.

Yeah, it was the Ignite pack that I used with STLs NadIR impulse response.

I'd be happy to share channel strips using SWS Snapshots if any wants. I mostly use free plugins on top of the amp sims, whether that's stock plugins or Melda Productions compressors, EQs and gates, and I also use freeware synths too. I'm really happy with the usability of them, and as I touched on previously, I'm absolutely blown away with Reaper in every way. £60 was a bargain! I feel like I've stolen from them a bit, haha.

Anyway, thanks again. Wish you all the best and hope to speak to again soon. Hope you both have a great weekend!

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