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Default video follows automation points movements

Maybe a silly question.
As a professional sound designer, broadcast audio professional, I'm trying to make the jump from protools to reaper...
I found reaper a better daw for lots of things (custom keys, actions, parameter modulation, etc...) but there are things I miss very much. One of them is of course AAF/OMF import/export, the possibility to replace audio without re-encoding the video, proper area selection, region grouping, session interchangeability, playlist, etc...
For most of these I fund a workaround except for few and one in particular:

As a sound designer is very important to me thatwhen I move automation point with the mouse the video scroll accordingly:

Imagine I have to set panning for a passing car... In Protools i draw 2 points (let say left and right pan) and when I move them the video scroll so I can directly and precisely pin the points to the exact frame I need...

What I'm missing here?
Thank you!
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Well, late reply, but AFAIK it's not possible :-/
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