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Maxim Grachev
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Default Occasionally won't play full length of a project

Faced this issue many times (and it's pretty annoying when it happens), but looks like today I managed to reproduce it on purpose.

The issue: sometimes a project abruptly stops playback way earlier it should. The only way to play it till the actual end is to select the whole project's area and toggle repeat mode.

Reproduced it this way:
- Imported a bunch of audio files into an empty project. Total length of the project is about 26 seconds now. Pressed Play, everything's fine.
- Selected all the imported media items and used "Reposition selected items" action (Xenakios/SWS) with properties: "Item end", "0.5 seconds". Now the length is around 31 seconds, but if press Play, it still stops at 26 seconds mark.

So looks like Reaper remembers the project's end mark and keeps this variable even after the actual length was changed (via action).

Recorded a video with the issue being reproduced, just in case: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1W-Q...ew?usp=sharing
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In project settings there’s a length setting which is likely set
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