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Default Seamless synced loops

Hello - over the years whenever I have had to copy loops in Reaper, it has often turned into a bit of a nightmare. I would think that if you selected the portion that was to loop, then went to Ripple All Tracks, then Control+dragged the selection to the end of the selection, it would loop properly. However, what I have found is that sometimes this gets out of sync by a few milliseconds. It's not noticeable at first without zooming way in but after a while it gets noticeable. Of course it always gets noticeable after a lot of work has been put into the piece and it turns into an editing nightmare. I just want 8 bars or something to loop cleanly without any problems. It seems to be related to where audio on the tracks starts and ends but I don't have any concrete examples. Like for example if some part of the audio did not PRECISELY start on the loop (or end), that seems like it is the culprit. However, when you have a bunch of tracks to loop, it is not always practical to look at them down to the nanosecond. I am probably just doing this wrong and there has got to be a better way. I have read some of the older manuals (v. 3-4) but I don't remember anything special for us loop-based producers. Thanks.

Edit - just to be clear I am not using third-party loops where everything is already perfect. I am recording in my own loops/jams with some "pre-roll" and "post-roll". The issue is not with the content but rather that successive copies tend to drift instead of staying on time even though I have selected snap to grid. It has something to do with the audio being not perfectly cut even though I am selecting all tracks and trying to "split item at cursor" to do so. It's pretty bizarre and drives me batty when it happens. It is not a reverb issue or a zero-crossing issue like some other people on the forum mentioned.

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check box in snap/grid settings > "snap to project sample rate"
check box in project settings > "force project tempo/time signature changes to occur on whole samples"
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This is good info to know - I have made those check box settings thanks bezusheist.

The $64 million question now is: - If we export a midi file that has the Reaper "snap midi timing to sample rate" settings - does this bring in nightmares moving midi files to another platform?

I'm all for this approach as it totally makes sense, but I wonder how this timing will interact with other software that is not referencing the sample rate for timing?
Any ideas?
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