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From my tests (and I don't do much midi so was simple midi item) tracing method is x3 time faster than BR (in the range of no one can't possibly notice):

BUT what I don't know is, is it gonna take longer when midi item gets complicated, more windows on screen, chunk gets very long etc.

1. CC lanes will break if there is more same named lanes there

I don't know is this something users are doing but this totally breaks lanes, this is not fixable atm

2. Ruler DPI scaling can probably be fixed in SWS.

If there are any slowdowns it will be noticeable on pie startup. I've previously had some issues with API JS that was lagging pie startup for like 100-200 ms and workaround it

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Originally Posted by ferropop View Post
Sexan will you consider a "Fixed-Lane Comp Area" context, as seen in Mouse Modifiers?

There's an incredible number of Comp Area specific actions that now exist, all fighting for shortcuts since they were added. To put these in a Pie Menu when hovering over Comp Areas would be incredible.
Will see if something can be done.

While its possible not sure how to handle this because its interfering with other contexts:
1. Items (Midi/Audio)
2. Arrange/Track

So context solution would be to block these context from showing up if track is in fixed lanes/comping mode...
Other solution (which is better IMHO) is to create menu specifically for this context and export it (menu editor) assign specific key to it and you are good to go.

Not sure if this "micro" context detection is for this script, but you can always create custom menu (in Menu Editor) and export it as standalone if you are looking for something specific

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Originally Posted by cuzzinlouie View Post
Thanks for looking into this and of course I would not expect you to change anything for just one user. I also did not take DPI scaling or CC lanes with the same name into account.

I'm really happy with Pie the way it is, but I'll keep using BR for the midi detection. I will of course report back if I run into issues or notice any slowdowns.

Thanks again
I'm just jumpin' in here shortly, so not following the whole thread.

But in my opinion if swell would allow blitting from GDI to LICE on MAC, that would be the best solution.
Would be nice if Justin himself could look at it, or let us know, if it is even possible.
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