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Default note detection functionality

Originally Posted by hopi View Post
well you can...

you would have to know the amount of shift you need, which as you have discovered you can find out using Reatune...

then there are various actions [search Item properties: Pitch] that will move the pitch up or down by various amounts..

so let's imagine you want to pitch up by 3 semitones and 1 cent...

so you create a custom action to do that and run it...
you could create the custom action to operate on one item, and then also select the next item, ...that way you could just repeat the key stroke for it...

so you could made your own set of custom actions like:
Up 2 semitones
Up 3 semitones
Down 2 semitones
Down 3 semitones

get the drift?

thanks for the reply

i understand , and it looks like ill be doing just that - however , i still would love an automatic action (potentially with a dialog for setting the note (and maybe even frequency)) .

not exactly sure if the api has the capability to (even roughly) detect pitch .. but i think this type of script/action would be fundamental , as it could even be a building block for more scripts/variations/custom actions such as items in a scale, easily set up item chords.
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