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Default Circular view of MIDI notes

This video animates musical time in a circular fashion. It's cool. There are many youtube comments saying "wow there should be a program that does this" or "every DAW should have a view like this" etc. some comments point to new custom apps or there's a mention of a plugin for reason.

A different way to visualize rhythm - John Varney
In standard notation, rhythm is indicated on a musical bar line. But there are other ways to visualize rhythm that can be more intuitive. John Varney describes the ‘wheel method’ of tracing rhythm and uses it to take us on a musical journey around the world.

is there a way to view time like this in reaper?

I imagine it would be an amazing alternative way to compose music in comparison to traditional systems which are all linear based. I mostly use guitar pro to write music. The repetitive (beat related) aspects of writing music are always a drag. traditional notation system (linear) has the limitation that "musical sections" can't be arbitrarily repeated on arbitrary instruments...everything is just run from beginning to end.. for example if the drums are the same 8 bars in verse as "A", then the same 8 bars in chorus as "B", and similarly other instruments change in different ways for "A" and "B", there's no way to edit this easily or view it easily as a section basis. [NOTE I am not talking about using segnos or d.c. type of repeat, I may not be explaining it well, basically there's no way to view/edit music other than linearly with all instruments being the same in each section]
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