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Default Odd frame subdivision in Timeline

When selecting H:M:S.frames subdivision in the timeline, the position of the lines (not the grid) in the timeline are quite odd (if you zoom in a lot then the problem is gone).
As you can see from the gif, the grid is right, but the little lines of the timeline are out of place.
It's like the timeline subdivision still follows the measure-beat logic, but it shouldn't.
Is it possible to fix it?

Another problem is that there is also an "upbeat" sign (I mean, the middle length line) in the middle of the main subdivision (which changes depending on the zoom level) which doesn't make much sense in a "per frame" context. For example in the case of uneven framerates like 25FPS (standard european FPS for TV and so on) is completely misleading: half a second are 12.5 frames. I think there should be only the main "per second" subdivision (like the measure-line in a measure-beats context) plus a secondary "per frame" subdivision (beat-line in a measure-beats context ) when you zoom in.

Furthermore I think (but maybe I'm wrong) that we don't need sub-frames subdivision also because they are divided by ten and I can't get the reason for that. I think it is mostly eye-fatiguing.

Thank you!
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