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Default How to change multiple clip gains at once?

I have been given a reaper project to mix by an editor, and all the items have different clip gains, which is making it hard to properly mix the project. I want the quickest way to clean up the project before I start mixing.

Is there a way to batch adjust clip gains of multiple regions/items in reaper (not change them relative to one another, but change all to the same value). Can be done in PT or Logic, but can't seem to find a way in Reaper.

Help much appreciated, as this would greatly speed up my workflow!
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You can select multiple items and drag at the top edge. This volume rides on top of item volume (kind of like how trim rides on top of read). This preserves unique item gains and keeps the relative levels. Works by item selection.

The con is that you can't adjust up if one or more of the items have this volume adjustment at full. You can only adjust back up if the selected items already have this level control lowered.
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If you want to change lots of media items not relative to each other but so that each is changed to the same value, you should take a look at the actions which come up when you type 'normalize' into the action list. Assuming you have the SWS extension installed, you'll see actions which will allow you to make every selected item have the same max peak, or the same max RMS, or even the same LUFS value.

This is the same as the normalize region gain function in Logic if that's what you're looking for the Reaper equivalent of. A 3rd party plugin called Defaulter allows PT users to do something similar.
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