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Default dB scales on track meters issue...

I always had a problem with these, and that's why I always have set until now all the <panel>.meter.scale.color.[un]lit.[top/bottom] to [0 0 0 0], this being a way to get rid of them, since a long time. But recently, I tried again to figure out the whole thing, with Reaper 5.78 and actually ended up with the same issue...

The problem is this one : in Preferences>Appearance>Track Control Panels pane, we have two options that are supposed, I think, to show/hide the scales, their colors being set via Walter instructions. They are the following :

Show dB scales on track meters
Show dB scales on rec-armed track meters

So, setting this in rtconfig.txt...

set master.mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.top [0 0 0 0]
set master.mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.bottom [0 0 0 0]
...hides them completely, no matter how the two preferences mentioned above are set, which seems more or less normal, as the themer clearly states with this that there shouldn't been any scale in the meters.

What is not normal, in my view, is that when setting this...

set master.mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.top [150 150 150 255]
set master.mcp.meter.scale.color.unlit.bottom [80 80 80 255]
...the scales in the meters of the master track are displayed, this, even with both of these preferences settings unticked. In the same league, if no set master.mcp.meter.scale.color... are put in the rtconfig.txt we end up with a full default scales display, the top being at RGB 255/255/255 (full white). And this one also cannot be hided or displayed with these preferences options.

So, my question is : what are these two settings made for and/or am I missing something about the way to allow the user of a theme to optionaly display the meters scales ?

Thanks for any precisions...
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