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Default Can PathSync detect renames and moves ??

Assume I have two identical directory tree which I want to synchronize (later).

At first I rename in one of the sub directories
a file from aaa.txt to bbb.txt
and - even worse - I move it to another directory.

Then I want to compare the two directories.

Does PathSync detect
a) the rename
b) the move ?

99% of all sync software is NOT ABLE to detect these kind
of changes. They are dumb and copy stupidly aaa.txt and bbb.txt to the opposite folder.

Is PathSync smarter ?
That would be really unique feature!!

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Human being with feelings
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It depends what settings you use, and whether you rename on the local or the remote system.

If you have renamed then moved the file on the local system, and then re-sync (local --> remote), pathsync will delete the original file from the remote system, and copy the renamed file to the new directory on the remote system.
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