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Default Do you use conditional/smart scripts for basic commands?

Sorry if this has been discussed already. Also apologies if you think this thread belongs to scripting section - I intentionally started it in General forum because it might be useful for people who aren't - yet - into scripting.

As I was customizing my REAPER setup, there was a need for basic editing commands to be more context-sensitive: same shortcut/context menu command initiating different actions depending on whether time selection was active, or item was selected, and so on.

I've now got many elementary actions such as COPY, CUT, DELETE, SPLIT, LOOP etc. linked to very basic conditional scripts, for example like this one for looping item or time selection:


local starttime, endtime = reaper.GetSet_LoopTimeRange2(0, false, false, 0, 0, false)

-- if time NOT selected
if  starttime == endtime 

	item = reaper.GetSelectedMediaItem(0,0)
	if item ~= nil

		reaper.Main_OnCommand(41039, 0) -- "Loop points: Set loop points to items"
		reaper.Main_OnCommand(40632, 0) -- "Go to start of loop"


-- if time IS selected 
if  starttime ~= endtime

	reaper.Main_OnCommand(40622, 0) -- "Time selection: Copy time selection to loop points"
	reaper.Main_OnCommand(40632, 0) -- "Go to start of loop"



My questions for more experienced REAPER scripters is - do you use anything like this in your personal setups?
And is there perhaps already a better way to do things like this?

Generally, I was thinking that basic scripting like this might be part of the solution for users who are dissatisfied with REAPER's default user experience, or want it to resemble another DAW. At least, this possibility is something that newcomers should be made more aware of, as it does a lot to tailor the UX to suit one's needs.
But then again, I might just be reinventing the wheel here, so do tell if you have an opinion or insight on this subject

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