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Default Intel Core i7-10710U vs i7-7700HQ


My laptop struggles a bit at 88kHz on some projects, and I'd like more performance headroom.

I'm considering getting an Intel NUC 10 NUC10i7FNH, and want to know if the NUC's i7-10710 CPU will be a clear step up from my laptop's i7-7700HQ.

Has anyone tried Reaper on the i7-10710U and/or can anyone point me at any benchmarks or reviews looking at DAW performance on this specific CPU?

I'd be particularly interested to know to what extent Reaper can/will make use of the additional cores/threads (6C/12T vs 4C/8T)

In case it's relevant, I produce both synth heavy electronica and also multi-track recorded projects with lighter effects but many more tracks, so I guess I need both single thread and multi-thread performance.

I'm looking at the NUC because: it's physically small, is hopefully a fair bit more powerful than my laptop, isn't crazy expensive, and uses very conventional parts that I assume will avoid any compatibility issues. I'm open to alternatives, but I don't want something huge/aimed at gamers/covered in flashing lights/not suitable for audio production, I don't want to spend a fortune, and I don't want to spend ages researching options!


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Bad idea, I think. The CPU is not that much of an upgrade, the GPU can actually become a bottleneck if you have a 4k screen and some bad plugins, and this fan seems to be not fun (loud).

Reaper can use any reasonable number of cores. However, only a few plugins can use more than one core. So, single-core performance is equally important.

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Ah, OK. Good points.

I only currently have a 1080P screen so GPU performance is not an immediate concern. However, I would want the option of upgrading to a larger screen in future. I guess I could get an external GPU if it proved necessary.

My laptop fan is quite noisy and I usually write + mix with headphones. The
NUC's fan my still be prohibitively annoying though.

I think my real worry would be that, as you say, it might not be much of an upgrade - at best it would be around 50% faster on highly multithreaded loads. Any suggestions on alternatives in a similar price range?
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Does your current laptop have a SSD? If it has an older HDD (especially if it's 5400rpm), that would be your bottleneck. Throwing a new SSD in it (a 1TB is just over $100) and replacing the fan (probably $5) might be the most bang for the buck.
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It's a pretty new laptop and disk bandwidth isn't the bottleneck - it has an SSD. I'm specifically looking for more processing power. Plus I'd like a separate PC to dedicate as a DAW anyway, so I can lock down the configuration without compromising being able to use the laptop for other general purpose stuff.

I could just build something from scratch. I have limited space so looking for small form factor. It's timeconsuming to find a suitable mini case, motherboard etc. that are guaranteed to work together, so an off-the-shelf solution like the NUC is appealing.
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