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Default V6.02 ,ASIO Hanging, Lag, Samplerate Changes... (Problem Found)

I allow myself to get some steam out right now cause its driving me nuts i appologize for the use of swearwords, i try to censor them with izzy bizzy stars.

Rantmode ON

I know reaper 6.02 is a new version, i know there are many things changed under the hood, but how the **** is it posible that so much isnt working as expected, i mean come on, its literally ****ing my ears up, you all know the music of asio crackles and hanging, that beautiful brrrrrgggrrrrrr z z z grrrr bbbbb crackle crackle brrrrr sound, thats also horribly loud? (couldnt find a example but you know what i mean, i guess... from here i refer to this sound as FMEUS aka The **** my ears up sound ) The midi editor is moody, well today im happily running tomorow, who the **** knows, maybe i hate you maybe not... through all the versions i am sticking with reaper already i NEVER experienced this...

I want to throw my computer out the window call a priest and let it get exorcised... and nope: stepping back, taking a breath and going in this as a refreshed and well mannered human didnt help this time... sorry...

Rantmode OFF

Now to the issues.

1: When i start up reaper and have any kind of media (music etc) running i get greeted with FMEUS.

2: When playback is running and i open a midi editor, with cerain vsti (Namely Kontakt 6) ====> FMEUS

3: When i make a track group ("master" track controls volume,mute) and mute only 16 tracks over the master track ===> FMEUS, when i then unmute the tracks reaper freaks out, FMEUS, and it playbacks faster and in different pitch, as if the samplerate changed suddenly, if i hit pause and then play it works again.

4: Opening the midi editor is slow and while playback, you guessed it ====> FMEUS

5: Editing midi while playback is also causing FMEUS and very laggy

6: Selecting to many midi events at once occasionally throws me back to windows...

It is also in general not as snappy responding than Reaper 5

What did i try already:

-Fiddling with the settings in the Buffering section
-Updating my ASIO drivers
-Disabling every script running in the background
-Wipe my instalation of reaper and just use a clean one
-Run a portable Install
-Trying out a different Audio Interface

Nothing really changed it, or at least did a bit alleviate the effect of FMEUS.

What works is the latest version of Reaper 5, with everithing the same it works no hint of lag or FMEUS, so i assume it isnt anything my system causes but reaper 6 itself.

I also suspect that it has maybe something to do with the use of Kontakt in some of the cases.


After trying out different things i found the Problem and can reproduce it, which basically boils down to ---> if to much midi is going on then reaper slows down, as if reaper 6 can handle way less midi events than Reaper 5.

If i have midi tracks with a lot of controller information reaper slows down (which happened to be the sample modeling kontakt instances), even in the main view with the midi editor closed when the view of the item shows CC data in the main window too, it wasnt Kontakt.

To reproduce:

Make a midi item with many midi events, namely insert a few notes and maybe 4 tracks of CC with lots of drawpoints, copy the item and the the track to fill the screen you will notice the slowdown, hide the cc lanes via the preferences and it is back to normal (at least in my case).

So simply said: It is a GUI lag problem, which many threats already cover, so we can consider this one here "solved"...


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